Project Startup



Liftoff projects are available to investors



Projects on Nibuster are being boosted for Liftoff



Idea is a project potencial

1. Turn idea into a project

Get feedback about your project by allowing people to boost it.
Boosting is like voting from other registered users.
When your project reaches 100% boosts, it will enter a "Liftoff" state.
Projects in Liftoff state are available to investors.

2. Boost projects

Every registered user receives 10.000,00 boosts.
Give boosts to the projects you like and push them into "Liftoff" state.
Projects in Liftoff state are available to the investors and one step to become a reality.

3. Engage

Access the list of projects elected by the public with "Liftoffs" service.
Make the first contact with the project owner safely and discreetly.
The email you register with Nibuster and your Nibuster profile will never be shared with anyone.
Requires purchase of "Liftoffs" service. See service plan here.
The goal of Nibuster service is to enable starting projects.
Our focus is to provide a service that would help project owners with a feedback from a public about the project
and to provide first contact service between project owners and investors.