Example Project

This is an example of the project on Nibuster. Here you can see project Team Status and project Boost Status. Every registered user can join (if allowed by the project owner) or boost projects. Once the project reaches 100% Boost Status, it enters Liftoff state. Projects in Liftoff state are available to investors. Investors can then contact project owner for investment. Project owner can make posts: publicly or for team members only. These post are shown below. Project page can also have a meeting room link available only for team members. The list of members is available for the project owner and other team members.

Team Status


Indicates need for team members. 100% means that team is fully formed.

Boost Status


When Boost Status reaches 100% the project enters LiftOff state.

This is a public post. Here you can make posts for the public or for your team members only.
Once Upon a Time...