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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost ?

    Nibuster service for Project Owners is free of charge. You may need to pay 3D Artist a fee for modeling and animation work (outside of Nibuster).

  • The idea by itself does not have any value - product/service does. The important thing is to start developing it into a real thing.
    Your Project on Nibuster is not publicly available. It is available only to Investors at the moment when it is already developed and you choose to present it.

  • Once you've developed your idea as a Project, you can choose to present it to the Investors. When Investor indicates interest in your Project, Nibuster will automaticaly send Investor Contact to your email address which you used to sing in (Nibuster does not provide your email address to Investors or anyone).
    After this point, Nibuster service is done and you can proceed toward your realization together with Investor.

  • Any kind of an idea that can result as a Product or Service is the right one for starting a Project.

  • Starting a Project is first step towards the solution. Once Investors are presented with a solution, they can work on business details such as packaging, distribution, servicing or cooperation with other companies in order to make it happen.


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